Disaster Planning Apps Suite

Our Suite of Disaster Planning and Flu Forecasting Apps

PACER researchers and scientists have developed a suite of applications that are ideal for hospitals, emergency departments, first responder organizations, and disaster planners to help prepare for disasters and flu outbreaks.

They include:

* EMCAPS 2.0: This new version of the EMCAPS disaster planning tool allows users to estimate casualties from 11 different disasters identified by U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

* Surge: This unique new forecasting tool is designed to help hospital emergency departments, ICUs and others prepare for and manage patient surge from unexpected disasters.

* FluCast: This unique forecasting program was developed help hospital emergency departments, infectious disease experts, and others estimate the number of flu patients they are likely to see in a given week.

All of these applications are free and accessible after registering and setting up an account via the PACERAPPS Suite web portal.


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