Rothman’s “Google Flu” Study Published 


The results of a PACER study, published in Clinical Infectious Diseases, found a strong correlation between a rise in Internet searches for flu information, compiled by Google's Flu Trends tool, and a subsequent rise in people coming into a busy urban hospital emergency room complaining of flu-like symptoms. Mass media interest in the study was widespread following release of the paper and a Johns Hopkins news advisory, ranging from interviews with NPR and WYPR radio to stories published by Time and CBS News.


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The mission of PACER is to improve the nation's preparedness and the ability to respond to disasters through rigorous scientific research focused on medical and public health preparedness strategies, response capabilities and surge capacity. To best achieve this mission, PACER is conducting seventeen different projects focused on five key areas of research: preparedness theory and practice; response networks; analysis, modeling, and simulation; science, technology, and engineering; and education.