About Us

The mission of PACER is to improve the nation's preparedness and the ability to respond to disasters through rigorous scientific research focused on medical and public health preparedness strategies, response capabilities and surge capacity. To best achieve this mission, PACER is conducting a number of different projects focused on key areas of research, including surge capacity, disaster modeling and simulation, and disaster education to name a few.



PACER's administrative staff are here to help you with questions about our research and other programs as well as press and media interest in our work.

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Collaborating Institutions

Many centers and institutions collaborate closely with PACER on disaster planning and preparedness research and strategies.

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Homeland Security Centers of Excellence

PACER is a Department of Homeland Security Emeritus Center of Excellence. The centers are authorized by Congress and chosen by the Department's Science & Technology Directorate through a competitive selection process. Each center is led by a university in collaboration with partners from other institutions, agencies, laboratories, and think tanks.

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